Established in Rome, Italy in 2004, Obika Mozzarella Bar was an immediate success as a new restaurant concept and then branches were opened in cities including New York and London. In 2008, Ristorante Pizzeria was opened for dining on Keyakizaka Street in Roppongi Hills and afterwards, in 2013, the second branch in Japan in Tokyo Midtown as il Baretto, a casual restaurant featuring terrace seating. And in 2014, Pizza e Cucina was opened in Yokohama Joinus. The name Obika Mozzarella Bar originates from a word in the Neapolitan dialect for the Italian phrase “Ecco Qua,” or “Here it is!” This naming reflects the restaurant’s spirit of always greeting customers with a warm welcome. Diners can relax while enjoying Italian wine and the finest fresh mozzarella cheese imported directly from Italy.


Obika Mozzarella Bar uses three kinds of fresh mozzarella cheese called Mozzarella di Bufala Campana in Italy it uses only the milk of water buffalo from the Campania region, and is a handmade cheese of the highest class made according to traditional production standards.
All the cheese is refrigerated and transported by air. In addition to the natural milk sweetness and moderate saltiness, it features a juiciness along with a soft consistency.

- Types of Mozzarella Cheese -


Obika Mozzarella Bar serves 3 kinds of fresh mozzarella cheese. Mozzarella di Bufala Campana is a high-grade cheese made according to the finest standards and a traditional recipe which uses only milk from buffalo in the Campania region, and imported to our restaurant 3 times per week by refrigerated airfreight. Bufala Campana is notable for the inherent sweetness of milk mixed with the appropriate hint of salt, as well as its elasticity and juiciness, and offered at Obika Mozzarella Bar with a traditional menu which combines this fine mozzarella cheese with a variety of ingredients such as prosciutto and salami. It can also be enjoyed in salads or pastas. And pinsa is also a speciality, a traditional recipe made since the time of ancient Rome. We make this crispy and light original pizza by a recipe using Italian flour ground in stone mill, low-temperature fermentation for 48 hours, and 2-stage aging. Specialties of the Tokyo Midtown branch include pizzeta, a thin-crust pizza eaten in the Tuscany region, as well as original panini made using mozzarella cheese.


We take great care with our ingredients at Obika Mozzarella Bar, selecting them according to the concept outlined below.

・Italian daily products
・Fresh products
・High quality products
・Seasonal products
・Handicraft products


The walls of the restaurant feature a beautiful presentation Italian wine which is always available at Obika Mozzarella Bar. In addition to famous brands and fine wine, we select and offer delicious, reasonably-priced wine from Italian wineries which produce high-quality wine. We also serve Italian microbrews, which are only available at Obika Mozzarella Bar in Japan, poured into a wine glass so a mellow fullness and aroma which resemble the rich flavor of wine can be enjoyed.


The interior of Obika Mozzarella Bar emphasizes modern black tones which complement the white mozzarella cheese, producing a simple yet stylish atmosphere.
Inspired by sushi bars, the entrance of the Roppongi Hills branch features a bar where Mozzarella cheese and other fresh ingredients are displayed. A special pizza oven for pinsa is located in the center of the restaurant and diners can enjoy the “live performance” of the chefs cooking. The back of the restaurant is a relaxed dining space which can be used for business meals and group dining. We also offer a private room which is perfect for special occasions such as parties and anniversaries. The Tokyo Midtown branch faces Gaien-Higashi Street and has a casual atmosphere which invites people coming and going in Roppongi. The main seating area is an open terrace that is accentuated by large parasols. Table and counter seating is also available inside the restaurant. The bar in the back of the restaurant displays mozzarella cheese, fresh vegetables, colorful panini and dolce. The Yokohama branch gives the warm and stylish atmosphere. It emphasizes modern black tones with the wooden textures. It also has a bar in the center and relaxed dining space at the back of the restaurant.


Hideo Mogi / Manager
I worked part-time at Italian restaurants in Aoyama when I was in college, and after graduating, I joined Wondertable, Ltd. in 1997. I have been a manager at several branches, mostly Italian brands. In 2003 I went to America by myself to study English and I worked in restaurants there. When I came back to Japan in 2006, I had multiple jobs opening Union Square Tokyo while managing the restaurant, and in 2008 I became manager at Obika Mozzarella Bar. I show our guests the delicious taste of authentic fresh mozzarella.

Yoshinobu Urushiya / Head Chef